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The pelvic floor muscles:
Training the pelvic floor muscles helps for:
VagiFlex exerciser:
Many of the most common problems in the pelvic, including urinary incontinence and different types of pain, are caused by weak pelvic floor muscles.

Poorly trained muscles also often results in less sexual desire, and problems having orgasms.

To avoid such problems, the pelvic floor muscles should be trained isolatled and regularly by women of all ages.

As we are getting older, the muscles weakens and shrinks from not being used.
Pelvic floor
The pelvic floor muscles
form a hammock for
the internal organs.
A common result of weak pelvic floor muscles is urinary incontinence. 25 percent of all women are having problems with urinary incontinence, which very often is a result of week pelvic floor muscles.

Exercising the pelvic floor muscles are more efficient than surgery if a woman has problem with urinary incontinence.

Almost 60 percent of all seven months pregnant women are leaking urine. Most of them because they have lost control of these muscles.

58 percent of all women with little or no desire, which regards 37 percent of the female population, have weak pelvic floor mucels. Also their partners suffers from this.

As many as 15 percent of young women, who have not yet been giving birth, are already having weak pelvic floor muscles. When women grew older or gaining weight, these muscles weakens even more.

Many waits too long before they visit the toilet, and many are drinking much more than they need without increasing the number of toilet visits. That might result in an overactive bladder and tight pelvic floor muscles, which need more relaxation. Practice relaxation exercises with VagiFlex, and you will be able to control when the muscles are to be tight and when to relax.

You will find the pelvic floor muscles, which are also called the PC-muscles, close to the inner part of clitoris and around the urinary tract, the vagina and anus. Around the vagina the muscles are located around the outer third of its length.

The pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock for the internal organs like vagina, womb, blather and rectum. During pregnancy these muscles keep the womb and the unborn baby in place. The muscles are then extremely stretched.

As much as up to 80 percent of the strength in the muscles can be lost during pregnancy, and they are often being hurt or damaged during childbirth.

Exercising the muscles keeps organs like womb, bladder and rectum in place, and also the ability to stay in control over the blather and feaces.

Strengthening these muscles will also contribute to treat pain in the pelvic and vagina, like partial vaginismus, vulvular vestibulit, uterusprolaps, endometrioses, menstrual pain and pain during intercourse.

A frequent reason for pain during intercourse is to little blood to the tissue around the vagina, which makes the vagina too short. Trained muscles contributes to an increase of the bloodstream, which also makes the vagina healthier and more lubricant.

When you are exercising the pelvic floor muscles you will get a tighter and more elastic vagina. That makes the vaginal walls  tightening around the penis. The size of the penis, if it is big or small, is then no longer important. No matter the size of the penis, both will have more pressure and friction during intercourse, which gives both the woman and the man more pleasure.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for woman also because they make it easier to have orgasms. Women with strong muscles are getting more and stronger orgasms, and more desire for sex.

The reason for this is that these muscles, also called the love-muscles, pumps blood to the vagina and makes it erect. Then the vagina straightens and becomes more wet
(lubricated) and sensitive.

During orgasm the muscles contracts and releases. If the muscles are underdeveloped because of poor training, the orgasm will fail or will hardly be noticed.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are also important for having G-spot orgasms, multi-, serial- or squirtorgasms.

Urinary incontinence   Little interest in sex
Pelvic girdle pain   Lack of orgasms
Birth, before and after   Weak orgasms
Stretched muscles   Intercourse pain
Uterusprolaps   Menstruation pain
Overweight problems   Vaginismus
Dry vagina   Vulvular vestibulit
Menopause   Endometriousus
Overactive bladder   Vaginal atrophy
Build your inner strength:

Training your muscles by using VagiFlex flexible exercisers is effective in strenghten your pelvic floor. Weak pelvic floor causes many different problems, and makes one of three women suffer. Women of all ages should therefore regularly exercise their pelvic floor muscles, also known as PC-muscles.

If you don´t use them,
then you lose them!

VagiFlex is anatomically moulded to fit into the vagina. It is an effective exerciser for the pelvic floor muscles by using Kegel contractions (flexing the muscles).

VagiFlex bekkenbunnstrenere

VagiFlex pelvic floor exercisers are adjusted
to the users muscle strength.

When you use VagiFlex flexible exerciser you have a constant and measurable resistance when flexing the muscles – adjusted to your muscle strength.

The exercises will therefore be correctly performed in a more effective way than if you just contract the muscles without constant and flexible resistance.

Science has proved that balls, weights, barbells and electric stimulation for exercising the pelvic floor muscles have little, if any effect.

None of these tools provide flexible a constant resistance during exercise, which is necessary for effective building of strength in these muscles.

When using VagiFlex you will see and notice if you exercise correctly, and you will be free to exercise when and where you want.

You will receive Vaginal TrainingProgram enclosed with VagiFlex exercisers. Here you will get step-by-step instructions about how to exercise the the pelvic floor muscles.

Those who not regularly, and over time, have trained their pelvic floor muscles, starts training by using VagiFlex for Beginners.

VagiFlex startpakke
VagiFlex for Beginners, resistance 1 and 2
Each package contents two VagiFlex exercisers whith
different resistance, Vaginal TrainingProgram
and a probe to mesure strenght and to control
if the exercises are correctly performed.
• • • • • •

The exercise method with flexible and constant resistance when exercising the pelvic floor muscles is approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA approval regards exercising with flexible and constant resistance to prevent and treat stress-related urinary incontinence, restoring strength and a tight vagina after birth, reverse age-related weakness in the vagina and improve women's sexual sensitivity and response.

• • • • • •
VagiFlex exercisers and Vaginal Training- Program are designed and developed under supervision of sexual therapist Gro Isachsen in collaboration with Klinik Sexologen and designer, and are tested by clients and others. Read more about The history behind VagiFlex.
Sexolog Gro Isachsen

• • • • • •

VagiFlex pelvic floor exercisers are made of silicone with a soft velvet like surface. The silicon is odorless, non-toxic, skin friendly,
non allergenic and easy to clean. Adapts quickly to the body's temperature. Does not contain phthalates.
VagiFlex exercisers can be sterilized by boiling in water.

VagiFlex is applied as a registered trademark and the design is applied protected. CE-registreted in class 1.
Produced in Norway.

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Flex your muscles and get a tighter and more flexible pelvic floor, a pelvic without pain and a better sexlife – by using VagiFlex pelvic floor exerciser.

Doing Kegels with the use of VagiFlex exercisers is the best way to prevent vaginal muscle atrophy.

Use VagiFlex pelvic floor exerciser rather before, than after serious problems arise.

Enjoy better orgasms and a generally better sexlife. Laugh and dance without being afraid of a urine leakage.
VagiFlex pelvic floor exerciser
VagiFlex is an anatomically moulded exerciser for inserting into the vagina. Easy and effectice for training the pelvic floor muscles by using Kegel exercises (muscle contractions).

When using VagiFlex exerciser together with the Probe you will see and notice when you are exercising correctly, and how strong contractions you are able to do (biofeedback). Which very often is difficult or impossible using other exercisers and methods.

The exerciser provides flexible and constant resistance when contracting (flexing) the muscles. The resistance is adjusted to the users muscle strength.

Constant resistance while flexing the muscles is the most effective way to exercise for building muscles, wherever you find them in the body.

This method is the most used by athletes all around the world for building muscle strength. Such as the use of weights (barbells) at the gym, when flexing the arm to make a stronger and bigger upper arm muscle.

Like in any other activity – the more you train, the more you gain.
Treining with VagiFlex
Insert VagiFlex into the vagina.
Contract (flex) the muscles,
relax – and repeat.

Easy and effective training!

VagifFlex has no pump, tube, wire, display or batteries.

Insert the exerciser and start training. Exercise with VagiFlex while you are having a shower or are brushing your teeth, while you are watching TV or reading.

VagiFlex is so discreete in use that you, with a little experience,
will be able to use it with your cloths on – without anyone around noticing what you are doing.

The design makes it easy to insert into the vagina, and to keep the exerciser in place during training.

The exersicer is easy to clean after use. Just wash under running hot water, rinse and dry.

VagiFlex pelvic floor exercisers comes in four different types of resistances (1 to 4), with two different types of resistances in each package.

VagiFlex for Beginners are for those who not regularly, and over time, have trained their pelvic floor muscles. Each package contains two different exercisers, resistance 1 and 2.

VagiFlex for Well trained are for those who have exercised with resistance 1 and 2, or for those who have very well trained muscles. Each package contains two different exercisers, resistance 3 and 4.

Together with VagiFlex exercisers you also get Vaginal Training-Program, that in English step by step takes you through the training.

The genuine VagiFlex design is obtained by using four different types of silicone, which gives four different resistance levels. The exercisers resistance and the silicone is getting harder as your training progress – from resistance 1 to 4.

The exercisers are produced in flexible silicon with a soft velvet like surface. The silicon is non toxic, non allergenic and can be sterilized by boiling in water.

The exerciser is 25 millimeters (1 inch) thick in the area that is to be contracted, which in length is 55 millimeters (2.2 inches). Total lenght is 110 millimeters (4.3 inches), and the weight is about 50 grams (1.8 ounces).

See an overview of VagiFlex with explanations.

See how to use the Probe to measure resistance, and to control that you are training correctly.

Someone will benefit from using the exerciser together with vibration during training. For example those who totaly lack contact with their pelvis floor muscles.

After just a few weeks training by the use of VagiFlex you will feel difference in muscle strength in the pelvic floor.

Remember! It is never too late to start training.

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